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Dog Grooming

Treat your furbaby to a pamper experience with us!
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Taking pride in caring for your four legged friends

We believe in ‘quality over quantity’ when it comes to our grooming style. At our state of the art grooming pawlour, your precious furbaby will be treated to a pampering experience at the hands of our qualified professional groomers.

Our priority is your pets’ health, happiness, safety and comfort and all our clients are treated exactly as we would expect our own dogs to be treated.

We are specialists in handling of dogs that are nervous of grooming and needing special attention. We will only progress at a pace that your dog is comfortable with. Our groomer Lyndsey is an affiliate member of the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers ‘CAPBT’, with a diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training, and is also a certified behaviourist with the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants).

Studying canine behaviour allows us to be able to read your dog and understand if your dog is feeling nervous or fearful of anything and through positive reinforcement (treats for good behaviour) your dog will learn to accept the grooming procedure and look forward to the next visit. No dog will ever be held down and forced to be groomed. We promote ethical treatment of animals and if we feel your dog is too stressed to continue, we will terminate the process and discuss with you some other options.

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Why groom your dog?

Here at Inn the Doghouse we believe that it is essential to the health of your dog that they receive regular grooming to maintain a healthy coat and skin:

Preventing painful matting (knotting) of longer coats

Identify & eliminate parasitic infestations such as fleas, ticks and mites

Detect early signs of illness such as ear infections, tooth decay, lumps etc

Save your home from excess shedding of dead hair and dander

Results in a more enjoyable, clean, fresh smelling cuddle monster

When your pet arrives at Inn the Doghouse Grooming Pawlour we will carry out an initial assessment of your dog to check that he/she looks to be in good general health, free from parasites and check the condition of the coat. We can then discuss with you the most suitable method of grooming.

Our Grooming Services

Did you know you receive a full day of daycare at half price if you get your dog groomed on the same day? That’s €10!!

Full Groom Pamper Package

This session comprises of an initial skin and health check, ears cleaned/plucked, a brush through, shampoo & conditioner, anal gland care, a nail clip and a fluff blow dry. Then your dog will be styled to a high standard (clipping or scissoring) into the breed standard cut or, if preferred something more manageable to suit the individual dogs needs and lifestyle. A spritz of doggie cologne and your furbaby is as good as new, ready to go out and show everybody who the new hotdog in town is.

Small breeds e.g. chihuahua, bichon frise: From €50 - €65

Medium breeds e.g. cocker spaniel: From €60 - €75

Large breeds e.g. golden retriever: From €65 - €85

X-Large breeds e.g. st. bernard: From €85 upwards

Wash & Blow Dry with Tidy Up

An in between session for regularly groomed dogs. This offers an initial skin and health check, ears cleaned/plucked, a brush through, shampoo & conditioner, a nail clip, a fluff blow dry and a spritz of doggie cologne!

Small breeds e.g. chihuahua, bichon frise: From €30 - €40

Medium breeds e.g. cocker spaniel: From €35 - €50

Large breeds e.g. golden retriever: From €50 - €70

X-Large breeds e.g. st. bernard - short haired: From €65 upwards

Deshedding service is also available from €5 extra

Hand Stripping

Stripping is the proper grooming method for most terriers. Hand-stripping makes room for a new clean & tangle free coat to grow. This can be more time consuming than clipping, however, the results speak for themselves.

Cost ranges from: €65 upwards

FURminator deShedding

Removes loose undercoat to help deal with dog shedding in the home. Also, regular bathing and deShedding can reduce the level of allergens in your home by as much as 85%.

Cost ranges from: €45 - €90

Nail clip & ear clean

We offer nail clipping and ear cleaning with no appointment necessary, as a walk in service. You may have to wait five minutes but we should be able to accommodate you quickly.

Nail clip & ear clean: €15

Nail clip: €10

Nail clip for difficult dogs: From €15

Ear clean & pluck: €10

Pimp my Pooch

We offer some unique extras here at Inn the Doghouse. Fancy standing out from the crowd and giving your furry friend some added sparkle? Creative grooming gives you the opportunity to individualize your dog and customise the groom for that special occasion. Think the big match final, Christmas, birthdays and maybe just to try something different to brighten up your day. We can add colour to your dog and other quirky add-ons such as dog-jazzle, feather extensions, nail pawlish and temporary tattoos. All dyes are safe, non toxic and specially made for animals. The health and wellbeing of the dogs in our care is of the upmost importance to us. We will never apply dye to dogs with skin troubles or to puppies.

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Canine PAWdicure

Following the usual nail clipping, we can paint your dogs’ nails using pet safe nail pawlish to enhance their unique look. Choose from a wide range of cool colours specially designed for use on pets.

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