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Doggie Daycare

Ideal for those who hate leaving their dog home alone!
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Doggie daycare is the solution to many dog owners’ problems

Drop your dog off at Inn the Doghouse Doggie Daycare and let your furbaby spend the day playing and socialising with lots of doggie friends. A normal day here @ITD is packed full of fun, where they will also learn vital skills such as bite inhibition, appropriate playing, build confidence and learn how to read other dogs’ body language to help communicate together. No more bored, home alone dogs.

At Inn the Doghouse we have a HUGE indoor playroom (5000sq) where all the doggies can play safely while supervised by our trained and qualified, dog obsessed staff.

We have different zones to suit all personalities and sizes here. It is important to separate dogs by size for safety purposes and by personality for the comfort of their visit.

Our large, big dog area is perfect for the bigger, more boisterous and  rambunctious players with ample space for running and wrestling.

Our spacious small dog side gives lots of opportunities for the littles to burn off all the steam necessary to facilitate lap lounging at home in the evening.

Our NURSERY is the perfect place for your puppy to grow their confidence and learn appropriate play skills with their peers in a supervised and controlled environment.

For the  dogs that love company during the day but prefer smaller, more intimate play groups and equally love to chill out and relax without the hustle and bustle of crazy play daycare, the LOUNGE is the perfect place. With comfy sofas and fluffy blankets it’s a popular destination for all dogs when play becomes too much and a more relaxed atmosphere is sought.

Rest is equally as important as appropriate play is for dogs, therefore we have designed our daycare with this in mind. We have two rest rooms attached to our playrooms, one for big dogs and one for small dogs. Our daycare and hotel guests are put to bed periodically for rest throughout the day. There are flat screen TV’s showing favourite animal themed movies to help the dogs settle down in familiar, home like surroundings and comfy bedding. This is also where lunch is served.

Doggie daycare is for you if:

You work long hours and feel guilty leaving your best friend home alone

You feel you can't get a dog due to work and other commitments

You find it impossible to give your dog the amount of exercise he/she seems to need

Your dog is destructive when left alone in the house

Your dog reacts over excitedly when seeing other dogs while out on walks

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Your doggie daycare questions answered!

Our indoor play room is specially designed to cater for all the bouncing around a group of happy, playful canine companions can create with specialised non slip safety flooring throughout the facility, separate areas for different groups depending on size and temperament and fully qualified and experienced staff supervising the play at all times.

Who can come to Doggie Daycare?

All dogs attending daycare must be happy to be around other dogs and have never shown any aggression towards another dog or person. Doggy Daycare is an open-play environment for pet dogs of all sizes and breed types.

What goes on at Doggie Daycare?

Dogs arrive in the morning and are welcomed in by one of our daycare assistants. There is lots of tail wagging and playing while all the dogs are full of beans getting acquainted with one another.  All the dogs are free to interact with each other and have lots of interesting and safe toys to play with. Dogs are separated according to size and play style to ensure that they all get along nicely. When it comes to rest time, dogs are crated individually in our rest zones with a comfy, clean bed to snuggle up in and a tasty treat to help them settle. They can watch TV or snooze as they wish. Rest times are given periodically throughout the day in rotations, which is very important to your dog as an over tired dog can become cranky, (just as we can) and lead to disruptive behaviour. We are all about keeping the peace here at Inn the Doghouse.

When rest time is over, the dogs are rotated into the play area for more PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! Our daycare assistants supervise all play and are on hand to provide plenty of cuddles and TLC to all our cuddly clients. They may also teach some basic obedience to the regular daycare dogs. At the end of the day, mom or dad will be guaranteed to collect a tired and happy furbaby who just cannot wait for their next visit to Inn the Doghouse.

How important is socialisation for dogs?

‘Socialisation is the learning process during which an individual learns to accept close proximity to various species as well as its own species and whereby appropriate social behaviour is learnt.’

It is important that all dogs are introduced to as many people, children and dogs as possible as a puppy, through positive encounters before the socialisation window closes at around 18 weeks old and their natural fear kicks in. Dogs that have not been socialised enough as a puppy can show signs of shyness, fear and aggression towards new encounters throughout their life. Unfortunately, these dogs live in fear of ordinary experiences every day of their lives, and their owners are often unaware of their plight.

Lack of socialisation is one of the main causes of canine aggression and aggression is the number one killer of pet dogs.

How does my dog join the playgroup?

All dogs must be up to date on all the relevant vaccinations. They must present a current, up to date vet card showing proof of DHPPI, LEPTO and KENNEL COUGH vaccinations.

All dogs must be free from fleas and other parasites and receive regular preventative flea and worm treatments, at least every 12 weeks. We will give you a reminder when these are due.

All dogs must be in good overall health. If your dog is showing any signs of illness, we will be unable to accept them for daycare until they are back to full health.

All dogs must pass the temperament assessment before being accepted to join the daycare playgroup.

These requirements are in place to ensure the health and safety of your own dog. This is our priority.

If all of these requirements are met, simply book in your dog and drop them to doggy daycare at your own convenience.

Adult Dog Daycare Rates

For Adult Dogs – (over 6 months old) there is a once off, temperament assessment fee of €30. Included in this fee is a full day of daycare worth €23. This assessment is necessary for the safety of all dogs attending daycare and staff members. No temperament assessment is required for puppies under 6 months old.

  • Full Day Rate

  • €23

    7.30am – 6.30pm
    • 2nd dog from same family: €12
      3rd dog from same family: €7
  • Week Rate

  • €90

    Mon - Fri
    • 3 days discounted rate: €64
      4 days discounted rate: €80